Hot 97 Classic Christmas Mix 2012

red alert-funkmaster flex

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And this evening, Flex and Red Alert hit the turntables for their annual Christmas Mix on Hot 97. If you missed it, listen to the hour sets below.

Hour 1: Download

Download: 01-kool-dj-red-alert-funkmaster-flex-christmas-eve-2012-hour-1.mp3

Hour 2: Download

Download: 01-kool-dj-red-alert-funkmaster-flex-christmas-eve-2012-hour-2.mp3

Hour 3: Download

Download: 01-kool-dj-red-alert-funkmaster-flex-christmas-eve-2012-hour-3.mp3

Hour 4: Download

Download: 01-kool-dj-red-alert-funkmaster-flex-christmas-eve-2012-hour-4.mp3

Hour 5: Download

Download: 2-01-kool-dj-red-alert-funkmaster-flex-christmas-eve-2012-hour-5.mp3

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